A Helping Rock is a community base non-profit with a 501c3 status. It provides outreach programs that include food, shelter, and clothing while providing services that impact our community with meaningful social opportunities that enhance the quality of life. 

Our vision is to partner with federal, state, and local government agencies, religious leaders, and other non-profit organizations in order to restore Gemeinschaft communities all over the world; thus, inspiring practical actions of love and service.

What is a Gemeinschaft Communities?

Gemeinschaft communities are simply groups of people that have a common attitude, and a communal belief system similar those before the industrial revolution. It was the small village mentality that encompassed a common  desire  to care for your neighbors and those who lived in your community.

Our philosophy is that every  life counts, and all individuals can make a difference; therefore, we should unite  with a caring heart to be a resource for all members of society. This attitude should not exclude anyone in our community, regardless of differences in religious, ethnic, social, or economic background..

We Invite You!

At Helping Rock, we sincerely envite you  to join our efforts, so that together we can be reflect a beacon of hope that is practically demonstrated via our outreach programs.  Feel free to browse our website or contact us for more information about how you can join us in making a difference!

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