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As part of our outreach strategy to reach a boarder base of the homeless community we have launched our outreach initiative.  Our program has always been anchored in scripture through faith, hope, and love, but are summed up in the second greatest command of all which is the golden rule. We recognize that all individuals are at various stages in their lives apropos to present living situations.  The facility will impact those that are ready to embrace change and the Outreach will touch those that are not ready to transition to a stronger life foundation but will benefit from our love and resources. 

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A Helping Rock Transitional Housing Program is supported heavily by the A Helping Rock Thrift Store in Dade City.  Because of this partnership we have an awesome capacity to provide clothing for men, women, and families that are less fortunate.  Spiritual ministry is an anchor of this program along with our belief that it is better to give than receive.  As individuals are identified essentials will be provided that will assist with personal life goals and self-esteem building.
A Helping Rock is delighted to have several outreach programs in place to offer food, clothing, support and meaningful social opportunities for people of all ages. 

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7124 Forbes Rd, Zephyrhills, FL 33540, USA
+1.(813) 779-5221
A Helping Rock has a strong presence in the community as a emergency food resource.  As our recognition extends into all parts of Pasco County so do our donating community partners. The donations from these partners are used at our Forbes Road facility as well as provisions for those that have a need for non-perishable food items.  We want the blessing of the resources we receive to be a blessing for others in need as well outside our gates. .

Helping Rock
We invite you to join our efforts, so together we can

Impact lives

by providing social opportunities that enhance the quality of life.
We invite you to join our efforts, so together we can

Impact lives

by providing social opportunities that enhance the quality of life.

We  provide practical outreach programs 

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Helping Rock

We travel to various encampments throughout our surrounding community.  The mission is to continue our healing-hospital type approach but delivered to those in need outside our gates.  As we minister to those individuals living in despair building a sense of trust, a sense of comfort, and being consistent in our approach to provide food and personal care needs.  We bring a spiritual message that is uplifting and tangible goods that sustain the physical.