Wanda Pena is currently the Chief Administration Officer (CAO) of A Helping Rock, Inc. She is the mother of Isaias and Kiana as well as a grandmother of three wonderful grandchildren.

Wanda has also lived through her ups and downs with a terrible experience via an attempt to commit suicide which resulted in a state of comma for over 2 weeks. She was able to turn her life around after surrendering her life to Christ and now has over 20 years of clinical and administrative experience in the medical field.

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It is our ultimate goal to create an atmosphere of faith, hope, and love along with the structure necessary that will allow residents to succeed.  Our Servant Leadership Philosophy makes this possible. We put this into action by making the resident needs our priority and impressing a yoke of service first before self.  A desire to see others grow and that we strive for resident wellbeing just as we would ourselves.  The entire body of staff and leaders enjoy helping residents find there direction, encouraging a better decision making process, and establishing permanent life changes that give our residents a strong foundation.   The strong foundation provides for a healthy and productive person as they re-enter society.  

Eddy Reyes has lived through up and down moments of which include both his 3 month old daughter, and former wife passing away at the 29 years of age. This has allowed to understand both suffering and hardship; thus, empathizing and embracing others in times of trouble. His alma-mater is Grand Canyon University out of Phoenix Arizona where he received his bachelor's in business administration and emphasis on health. He is currently the Director of A Helping Rock, Inc and is on schedule to graduate in November of this year with his Master in Public Administration with emphasis on health. 

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Daniel O. Martin is currently the interim director of A Helping Rock Transitional Camp Ground.  Daniel was born an raised in rural area of Axton VA.  His parents, two brothers and the majority of his family still reside in various parts of the state.     Daniel is currently the Public Relations Officer for the organization.  The tutelage and direction that Eddy Reyes, A Helping Rock Director, has inspired him to be a part of this endeavour as well as promoting him to a principal part of the future of the current business model.